Dear Event Prof,

If you are here, it is because you value originality, you chase excellence in your daily work and you understand technology has a crucial role in our lives and we need to take advantage of it in order to make a difference.

We know your time is important and we also know that the event budget is crucial for the turnout.

This is why we are happy to assist you remotely in every possible way.

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Accounts are created automatically once you purchase an E-ventology Product. You can sign up to an E-ventology PRO pricing plan or you can purchase videos in the MICE Hub . All purchased videos can be access in your member account. If you would like to share the video, remember to purchase the share link you can find on the same page of the video.

We help you plan and design attractive, sustainable and cost-effective events by providing destination knowledge online.

At your disposal:

  • THE MICE HUB:: The Netflix of MICE as we call it. A virtual library of video content on venues, locations and suppliers for events. Discover the VLOGS, Virtual Site Visits and other MICE videos for destination knowledge.
  • REMOTE SITE VISITS: No more need to travel for your next site visit. Do it remotely and save money, time and contamination.
  • OUTSOURCED EVENT SUPPORT We become an integrated member of your organization team in order to provide a solid event management on the field.
  • E-VENTOLOGY PRO: Your pack of services and tools for an efficient, sustainable and cost- effective event management.

Read more about all our services and get in touch for more details!

For now, you can find E-ventology in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. However, stay posted, as we plan to include other destinations soon.

A remote site visit is exactly the same as a live site visit, the only difference is that you can do it in front of your computer. We help you avoid traveling time and save money to the event budget and at the same time, visualize every step of the way.

This is an ideal solution to rely on technology and attend the climatic considerations and traveling costs and logistic challenges.

No matter if you already have a quotation and you need to check the venues and locations in order to make the final decision or you need to wide your destination knowledge regarding possible suppliers for future events, we have the solution.

Here you can see how we do it

All remote site visits imply a live connection so you can visualize all details and interact with the suppliers in real time.

Here you can see how we do it .

First of all, remote services are done live and include direct interaction between the event planner and suppliers, while virtual format refers to a content that has been recorded previously where you cannot interact live. In a remote site visit you will be able to see the locations and distances in their real dimension and natural state, while in a virtual tour these details can not be valued accordingly.

Many times videos and photos show a different image than the reality and this is where the remote site visit comes in place, so you don’t have to decide on a “photoshopped reality”.

Besides, we offer also specific complements  such as menu tasting or a mystery guest service that can help you build a true image of the service and product.

For more information about the difference between remote and virtual visits, you can check our post Remote Versus Virtual. 

Remote Site Visit are tailor- made services, as we aim to adapt as much as possible to your interests and requirements. Contact us at for a quotation and we will make sure you get the most adequate offer.

A virtual site visit is a site inspection in video format that has been recorder and edited previously, including all general information an event planner would need to know when considering a venue or a supplier. You can find different examples in the MICE Hub 

In our VLOGS you can discover venues, suppliers and locations and their suitability for groups and events. In order to  get a deeper knowledge of this venue and all its possibilities you should watch the virtual site visit. This way you can understand the capacities, set-ups, distances, services and  facilities the venue or supplier can offer and decide if it suits your requirements.

E-ventology PRO is an integrated service of event planning and management using online tools and remote support in destination.

There are different pricing plans so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

No matter if you are a frequent planner in a destination, working on one time project or you just want to widen your knowledge on locations, venues and suppliers for events in a certain destination, there is a plan for you. 

Discover all the pricing plans available and if you don’t find anything that suits you, contact us and we make it happen.

Here’s a list of reasons:

  • Because the event industry changed due to the pandemics in 2020 and we need to embrace progress and transform the way we work.
  • Because things are easier when you can rely on a trusted partner.
  • Because events turn out better when you count with destination knowledge and local expertise.
  • Because we all know the complex decision process in a pitch and how much of a difference information directly from the source can make.
  • Because you will save money to your budget that you can use it to make your event event more attractive.
  • Because you will save time and will be able to act faster, gaining competitive advantages and impressing your client.
  • Because you will avoid non-essential travelling and join sustainable event planning.
  • Because it’s time we update the event planning process and rely on technology when possible.
  • Because it’s the efficient way of accessing destination knowledge online and remote support.

And if all this is still not enough, here you can discover the difference E-ventology PRO can make for you.

We know each event is different and that each venue and supplier is special. Here you can see the standard pricing plans, but if you have a request and you don’t find the answer to on our page, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident we can find an option together.

Once you sign up to E-ventology PRO you will receive a confirmation email and our team will contact you in the next 24hrs in order to finalize the process.

Please contact us at in case you are experiencing any trouble or have any doubts about the register process

No, but you can access them every time you wish in your member account. In case you would like to share them, remember to purchase the share link associated to each video.

Once you pay for a video, you are granted unlimited access to this particular video. In case you sign up to an E-ventology PRO pricing plan, you will get access to the video according to the plan you have purchased.

In the MICE Hub you can access all free videos and purchase individually each paid video, while in the MICE Hub PRO you have unlimited access to our entire library of paid videos at no extra cost.