Similarities between the Pandora planet and the current and future situation of the events world. Most of us have seen Avatar the movie, and those who didn’t should seriously consider doing so.
Lately, I am starting to see many similarities between the Pandora planet in the movie and the current and future situation of the events world.

Virtual Events

And how is that?
First, the industry went hibernating for a small while during worldwide lockdown. Then some people behind some digital tools connected us to a virtual world and we woke up in a new world of virtual events.

All of a sudden, everything was virtual:

Meetings with clients and collaborators, negotiation with suppliers, webinars and conferences, trades and other networking events, etc.

It was like in the movie, waking up on Pandora, with our new avatars behind a webcam.

Little by little we started getting familiarized with our new avatar. Sometimes this could have been makeup and a nice top in the visible part and sweatpants and slippers where the webcam doesn’t see and other times it could have been only our face on the webcam.
Then we started to understand little by little our new abilities with an express masterclass in digitalization.


New figures came out from this transformation: the digital event planners. The rest of us are just becoming advanced users just like Jake Sully in the movie. Finally, he learns how to ride the dragon just like we learned to navigate in the virtual ocean.

On Pandora there is a special connection between the local species Na’vi and their planet. We can see it with the Tree of Souls. The tree has the capability to connect directly to the human nervous system, despite humans lacking a queue.
Maybe this is an exaggerated comparison for now with the influence of the virtual environment in our lives, but at this point we are all aware that digital and hybrid events are here to stay, therefore, in the near future we may develop such a connection with the online world.

As you know, Pandora had an idyllic equilibrium between its inhabitants, the environment and the spiritual world and the humans attempted against this perfect balance, invading the planet and seeking to mine unobtanium.
Unobtainium is defined as any hypothetical, fictional, extremely rare, costly, or impossible material.
In the final battle, humans lose even after defeating the Na’vi as the nature of Pandora raised supporting the locals.

What could the translation of this end be in our events world?
I believe the message is clear:

Don’t break the equilibrium!

Even if virtual and hybrid events will have to coexist with the live events, we must remember to maintain the right doses of each of them in order to maintain the charm of this incredible world of events.

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