Probably the first time you won’t need to travel for your next site inspection.

Avoid traveling time and save money to the event budget by hiring a virtual site inspection.

E-ventology provides remote support for site inspections as an alternative option, integrating technology as a natural attribute to the event planning.

Using live connections, you can explore the sites for your next event in real time, without having to travel.

Visualize every step of the way without leaving the office.

The ideal support required in the decision-making process by providing real time access to all the information needed to develop a valid criteria in selecting the venues and suppliers for your event.

Do you already have a quotation and you need to check the venues and locations in order to make the final decision? The FOCUS Virtual Inspection  is the perfect option for you.

Or maybe you need to wide your knowledge regarding possible suppliers for future events. Check the OPEN Virtual Site Inspection and update your portfolio.

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