Groups and events can generate big revenue if they are managed correctly . On the contrary, they can even generate losses or not be profitable
Sounds simple, right?

…but when it comes to the practice, it is sometimes harder than expected

This usually happens because MICE has its own operating rules that nobody has told you before


But you are no longer alone! 

We want to share with you all the necessary knowledge so you can make the most out of this business.

Training available for you and your team

MICE business in the hotels industry

An exclusive course providing all kind of knowledge and techniques you need to know in order to manage correctly the MICE business in a hotel**The course is available only in Spanish

The MICE Academy

The first academy for MICE professionals in the Spanish speaking world
Video Clases by the hand of industry experts
For all involved departments and levels of experience
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Don't miss!

Free Class on how to keep your groups and events profitable in Post Covid times

Don't miss!

Free Class on how to keep your groups and events profitable in Post Covid times

How well are you managing in your business?

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Welcome to the of the MICE industry

The first steps of Event Planning Online

Virtual Site Visits

Online access to suppliers and venues before traveling to the destination


Vlogs & More

MICE Vlogs on venues and suppliers as well as other useful videos for event planning