Today we will have the change to introduce you the slow culture, here in Ibiza.

And when I say slow culture, I refer to a mix of concepts: slow food, slow lifestyle and slow fashion.

So many times, we live rushed by the fast living style, but when coming to Ibiza it is mandatory to take a break and pamper yourself by just enjoying life. And we have the perfect place for this: #AtzaroBeach part of Atzaro Group.

We will walk you around a venue ideal for a chill out activity for a group, where the guests can enjoy sunbathing at one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza and enjoy healthy and delicious food or just finish the day with a chill out dinner on the sea shore. Sounds great right??

In case, you would like to contact with Atzaro Beach Club or directly, you can send an-email to
Let them know you have seen the VLOG and want to further explore the venue.

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