We are in Ibiza today.

Many associate Ibiza with the idea of a party island, and this is due to the music and show culture that is so strong here. Nevertheless, I am not sure how many know that Ibiza has some hot spots for party, but a great part of the island is dominated in fact by peace and tranquility.

This is part of the reason why yoga, meditation and wellness are also strong features of the local culture. Other increasing trends on the island are sustainability and the organic culture, starting from materials, food and good practices, aimed to combine the peace of mind with the wellbeing of the body. Of course, all these trends are always framed by the magical atmosphere and trendy style of the island.

And what if I tell you that there is a place that reunites all these concepts in one? Incredible, but true, there is as we are on the island of all possibilities. This place is called Atzaro Agroturismo and we will start our next visit discovering how all this magic can be brought and used in the MICE world creating unbelievable experiences.

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