In this VLOG, we are going to discover the inner part of Mallorca by the hand of a very special MICE supplier, Offroad Mallorca showing us the unkown part of Mallorca as an ideal option for groups and events wanting to discover the essence of the island.

We will join a Jeep Safari, one of the most entertaining activities for groups when coming to the island.

This is a very complete activity as it can be done as an exploring activity, converted into a teambuilding option or an adventure day.

We really hope that this video will be able to help you make the difference and provide a different perspective of Mallorca.

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In case you would like to contact Offroad Mallorca directly, you can send an email to Denis Saro, the company manager at

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If you think this activity is a great option for an upcoming event then send your request to Denis as well so he can inform you according to your requirements! For further information on the boat, check out their website:

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