Event Planning in The Balearic Islands can be extremely rewarding or extremely challenging sometimes. It all depends on reaching the correct balance between destination knowledge, local expertise and previous preparation.

Just before the 2021 new season is about to start in the Balearic Islands, we thought it would be useful to create a Survival Guide for Event Planning in the Balearic Islands. The aim is to bring essential insights on what you need to know about these amazing islands in order to plan successful events and avoid unexpected surprises on spot.


At a first glance, the Balearic Islands may seem just some other sunny destinations for cool events: good climate, incredible venues, breathtaking beaches, culture, history and a delicious gastronomy.

But there are so many small details that can determine the turnout of an event, that you are going to wish you had known beforehand.

The Survival Guide for Event Planning in The Balearic Islands is the result of our experience over the years and the interaction with foreign event planners coming to The Balearic Islands.

Sometimes, simple things become challenging as each destination has its own reality and there are many things nobody tells you before getting there.

This is one of the main reasons we believe the kind of information you will find in the guide should make you understand better how the Balearic Islands work as destinations for events.

In the guide you will be able to understand:

  • How is the connectivity to and between the Balearics so you can make your best decisions from the beginning
  • When is the best period to organize an event as seasonality is a big thing here that can totally influence an event
  • How many days you need to make the best of the time spent here
  • How expensive are the Balearic Islands so can you plan cost-effectively
  • How incentives are not the only type of event suitable for the islands and why you should consider these destinations for other type of inquiries
  • If you can combine your stay on several islands and sail from one to the other with a group
  • How to deal with inquiries for private activities or parties on the beach
  • What is the best area to look for a hotel for a group and how to choose it
  • Foodies alert: All about the gastronomy and what are the most typical dishes in the Special Section on The Gastronomy in the Balearic Islands

Don’t wait any longer and hit this link to get your guide!

E-ventology aims to connect event planners and destinations and make event planning easier and smarter, and this is our gift for a brand new events season in the Balearic Islands!

Happy event planning in The Balearic Islands!

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