There are many islands in the Mediterranean and each of them has a unique identity inspite of many similarities.


Spain has a unique character, but the Balearic Islands cross beyond the generic features made famous worldwide and manage to surprise. Each island is a different world, telling a different story, aimed to impress and seduce its visitors.

When planning an event, it is important to understand how each island is more adequate for a scenery or a client, depend on what you are looking for

Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and the biggest island of all 4

Combining culture, gastronomy and solid tourism awareness, the island is much more than the perfect Instagram beaches we can find on the internet.

The inner part of the island offering Unesco Herritage places, wineries and pintoresque villages, local traditions and a very tasty cuisine, making Mallorca a unique place to discover.

Two years ago the Congress Palace was inaugurated in Palma City. Together with a high number of very well equipped hotels and venues, this infrastructure makes Mallorca the perfect location for business in a relaxed environment, where training your staff, launching a new product, or rewarding your guests has never been more natural and accessible.

This is a destination where the authenticity of the local culture, historical places and breathtaking landscapes, providing a perfect balance for an event planner’s requirements.


Ibiza, is the home of glamour, integrating luxury, hippie markets and free spirit as a state of mind. This is where ultimate culinary innovation, shows and music artists blend with unexpected MICE framework especially for high end events.

The natural landscapes make a perfect background for the most exclusive experiences, style and innovation with tradition and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Ibiza is a destination where the famous are locals, where the hippie culture is still alive and vibrant, where every day becomes an experience and where guests are seduced by the island’s special charm.

The highest level of service, ready to satisfy the most demanding clients, making the event management an experience itself, combined with high standard hotels and venues makes it a privileged location for events.


Formentera is the perfect choice for an escape away from the noise and hustle of the world,

Formentera is a natural reserve and can be enjoyed in a day trip from Ibiza by boat or by spending a few days in this natural paradise. The island is small and cozy, making it easy to move around and enjoy the white sand beaches

Words are not enough to describe this oasis of the Mediterranean, but such an experience can easily become the cherry on top for many events.


Menorca is the rural side of the Balearics, where time seems to have stopped. Much more focused for smaller and more specific events, Menorca is the heart of the Balearic essence, with unbelievable turquoise bays, caves and never-ending fields and secluded villages.

This destination is much more frequent for national events from the mainland, conserving a high authenticity of each place and flavor.

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