Since we are approaching the end of the year, it’s time for a sum up and a look to the incoming MICE trends for 2021. In this article we will focus on the event planning trends for 2021 and see how these reflect on the Balearic Islands as a MICE destination.

We will start with a very graphic comparison regarding events program inclusions presented at IBTM 2020 within the Knowledge program in a session called “Incentive Travel 2.0 – what will Incentive Travel look like in a post-Covid world?” presented by @Jen Glynn and @ Aoife Delaney.

1. Cultural Experiences1. Luxury Experiences
2. Group Dining2. Cultural Experiences
3. Team Building3. CSR
4. Luxury Experiences4. Wellness

These rankings say very much about the events participant’s preferences and expectations evolution in the last year, mostly as a result of the pandemics.

Nevertheless, the session was mostly focused on Incentive Travel, these trends apply at the end to all kind of events, as we could check also in the Trends Watch Report 2020 from IBTM World.

As we can see Cultural Experiences were the favourite ones in 2019, but in 2020 they were replaced by Luxury Experiences. Still the cultural interest maintains the second place.

But how come luxury experiences demand became NR 1 when in 2019 it was the least required?

It seems like this is the direct result from all the travel restrictions we have been experiencing this last year, as people are eager to enjoy again those travelling experiences and creating those unforgettable memories. The pandemics has increased the demand of luxury travel.

Cultural experiences remain a big interest, as there is a tendency to combine culture with luxury and create those privileged and unique experiences events manage to deliver. We are talking about cultural made exclusive.

Guests used to take part in events feel the need of that exclusivity and pampering you can only get in these types of travels and cannot achieve on your own.

Another interesting thing is that Group Dining and Team Building are no longer a big interest, due to the fact that both activities suppose people gatherings and interaction. It looks like the social distancing and restrictions for crowds are here to stay for the moment, at least until we have a vaccine.

In return, we have new trends arising, like a very pronounced interest in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Wellness.

Why did CSR and Wellness become so popular this year?

CSR has always been there, but it was not a massive trend within the events industry. It looks like the pandemic made as very aware of the impact of our fingerprint on the nature. As a result, people now hold responsible their employers, their organizations and even their governments for the consequences of our actions on the environment and want to feel this environmental awareness in the events they take part in.

As for wellness, this may be the most obvious consequence of the pandemics at a personal level.

For many, this has been the loneliness pandemics as they have suffered the impact of the lockdown, illness, fear, uncertainty, stress and much more. Now, people feel the need to unwind and recover both from a mental point of view as from a physical point of view and this is why wellness became such a big trend this year.

Balearic Islands as the perfect event destination for 2021

All these new trends will have a powerful impact on the destination choice between event planners world-wide. For some destinations this adaptation process is easier and for some a little more complex.

If we look at the Balearic Islands, we can see destinations that has been already functioning according to these trends for a long time now. It looks like the industry has acknowledged some of the good practices Balearics have been working on the last years.

Let’s see what that means:

Luxury experiences have always been one of the biggest strengths of the Balearics islands, especially in Mallorca and Ibiza. The islands are recognized internationally for their high-end products and services and have become icons of exclusivity in the events world.

Ibiza is practically a synonym of luxury experiences when it comes to events.

Cultural experiences are the core activity for events in the Balearic Islands, especially in Mallorca. This is one of the most surprising features regarding the islands, as many visitors don’t expect such deep connections with the local culture and traditions. The variety is incredible from history and traditions to gastronomy and crafts.

Mallorca together with Menorca are probably some of the destinations that best have managed to conserve their cultural heritage.

CSR has never been easier to emphasise during an event when considering destinations as the Balearic Islands. How come? A great part of the territory of the islands is part of Natural Reservations and very strong environmental policies are in place. This is why you may find many places where boats cannot anchor or where vehicles cannot enter. Therefore, if you are looking for a destination that can serve as an example for a good environmental protection, this is the place.

Formentera is the star of environmental protection as 73% of the island is a Natural Reservation and Mallorca counts with 4 Natural Reservations in different parts of the island.Wellness is once again an implicit component of all events organized in the Balearic Islands. There are few better ways to pamper your guests than spending time on a fabulous sandy beach with clear and turquoise waters, enjoying Mediterranean food and drink and relaxing massages or other beauty or health treatments.

This is the minimum you can ask for in the Balearic Islands, but if you are looking for more, it’s also here.  Nice hotels with wellness centres can be found in all the 4 islands, so you just need to choose one.

Mallorca and Ibiza can be wonderful choices for indoor wellness options in low season and during high season, all 4 islands are ideal choices for outdoor wellness experiences.

So, for 2021 don’t look any further for your event destination. Balearic Islands have it all!

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