The speed digitalization of the events industry introduced us even deeper into the robots era.

After coming across some websites advertising robots for events in the last week, the idea to write about this innovation and its impact in the event industry occurred.

In this post we will make an imagination exercise and try to visualize from the attendee point of view how a robots only managed event would look like.

We will start our imaginary journey where you are welcomed at the entrance door of the hotel by a hologram host inviting you to head to the front desk to check in. 

At the front desk, there are already some guests checking in so you need to wait, but you don’t have to worry as another hologram is there to chit-chat with you in the meantime and assure the waiting time is handled correctly. You are presented the hotel in the meantime and informed about all facilities nearby and the weather for the next days.

Once your turn is up, at the front desk, a nice robot greets you by your name after making your facial recognition and takes your temperature. Next he displays all the information relevant for your stay together with the digital code to open the door of your room. In case you happen to be a VIP, the robot would have already known this and inform you about the VIP treatment assigned as well. 

On the way to your room, you find robots disinfecting the common areas of the hotel . You check in to your room and hurry up to the registration area for the meeting about to start.

No hospitality desks are in place, but a few hosts robots recognizing facially all guests and registering them online, saving their profile data for lead generation later on. They also display the event agenda and sponsorships for each session. Once in the meeting room, you are welcomed by other robots that go around guiding the guests, maintaining small talks and telling some short jokes while the attendees take their seats.

As the event is a hybrid one, here you meet the remote attendees as well which are represented by double telepresence robots and mingle around with the rest of the participants. Good thing they won’t have to join the toilet queues during the coffee breaks! 😊

The first session is about to begin. The host of the event is a human size robot that opens the event with a funny dance and welcoming all guests. Next, he projects with his only front eye a presentation introducing the agenda of the event while explaining the sessions.

During the first session, you attend a product launch represented by holograms, so you can visualize the product and understand its features perfectly.

In the coffee break, the robots that welcomed you to the event area, invite you to join the photobooth sessions as they can take your funny photos and upload them to the social networks and increase the event’s visibility online. Also, they provide frequent information in real time about the media repercussion of the event’s hashtag.

After the next session, it’s time for lunch. A hologram host welcomes you to the restaurant and invites you to wait for her robot colleague that will guide you to the table. On the interactive table you can select your drink and next a waiter robot serves you the meal which you share with other colleagues while the double telepresence robots network near by.

In the afternoon, it’s time for teambuilding. You were assigned some really fun activities: First a Robot Torneo, followed by a basket drone competition and a hologram workshop. Sounds really fun, right? Some of your colleagues have joined less competitive activities like Virtual Painting and Virtual Paragliding.

Once the evening is done, you retire to your room. As you feel too tired to go out for dinner, you ask room-service from your mobile. A nice robot brings you the order and wishes you a good night rest.

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